Semi-retirement from YouTube

2015-02-22 Sun 22:11
Thank you for watching my videos for a long time! 2015 is going to be a busy year, so I don't have enough time to make videos. I'm going to spend all of year working on my other hobby and business. It will be like semi-retirement from YouTube. If I have time, I'll make a video! (Not very often.)




RRcherrypie 総集編 Compilation


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I'm Nameless (I don't have a Twitter account.)

2015-02-22 Sun 21:34
twitter.com/RRcherrypie stole my nickname. And some tarnished my nickname.
Twitter Inc. and the Twitter impostor have defeated me. The impostor won at musical chairs and got my nickname as a prize. My nickname is gone now. I'm nameless.
Nickname is merely sign. It's not for what you are. Even though the Twitter impostor got my nickname, she can't make videos in the same way as me. Even though my nickname has changed, I can make videos in the same way as a real. Possibly, nameless might be kinda convenient.

◆August 27, 2012
twitter.com/RRcherrypie steals my picture and pretends to be me. I reported it to Twitter Inc.
Twitter impostor

◆March 10, 2013
Twitter impostor harasses us. I reported it to Twitter Inc. again and again.
Twitter Inc. Imposter

◆January 21, 2014
Even if you know it is an impostor, new subscribers continue to ask us, "is it your Twitter?" We put this video to announce that it is an impostor.

★I don't have a Twitter / Instagram / facebook etc. YouTube and FC2 is the only website I have and the other is fake. I will not be responsible or liable for any damages that may result from the impostor.★


◆December 26, 2014
Some still thinks the impostor is real.
twitter follower

No more bullying.

Twitter Inc. must delete the impostor twitter.com/RRcherrypie.
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To guardians: Supervise kids and Teach manners

2015-02-22 Sun 10:39
I usually delete it with no comment. But sometimes I pick it up to give my opinion to guardians who doesn't supervise kids.

0:01 The woman with a red bag is her guardian?

To her guardian:
Do not abandon the child care. Teach manners to kids before you give a terminal to kids. And supervise kids when kids are online. You bear the responsibility for kids. It's your fault. You don't teach manners to kids, so untutored kids don't know how to behave in good manners. Give her a decent education.

<Thank you for your comment!>
I didn't think that people under 13 are allowed to have a YouTube account without a supervisor.

To Hashtag Girls (bev ang carissa):
If you want to be a vbloger, you should not hurl insults to strangers. You can see a lot of beautiful vblogers on YouTube. They never act like you. They have both inner beauty and outside beauty. You never know my sexual orientation. Don't act like a dirty girl. You should improve your inner beauty.
(It's okay you are a homophobia. But, it would be better you don't declare that in a public space. My channel denies homophobia. There are so many different people In the world. Respect each other.) We wish we could get peace in the world without racial/sexual discrimination.

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2015-02-20 Fri 21:03
砂糖まみれの指でカメラの録画ボタン触るの嫌だなーーと思っていたら、なんと、一部、録画ボタンを押さずに作業を進めていた (◎_◎;) 嘘だろーー。なんとか編集でごまかしてミスを隠す方法を考えようw

ファランジリングとやらが流行ってるらしいので真似してみた。小指用のをつけただけだが。Justin Davisの指輪。ドクロの顔がほとんど動画内では見えないという・・。
Justin Davis Silver Ring

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Happy Valentine's Day! Soft ice cream shaped chocolate

2015-02-14 Sat 18:58
ゴンチャロフのソフトクリームショコラ。デリケートな商品なので箱を傾けずにまっすぐ持つようにと、箱に注意書きがある。雑に持ち帰ったからか、アップで写すとヒビが入ってる~ (>_<) とにかく見た目が可愛い。

Me replying to your comments about the music.
We have never claimed to be an asmr channel.
We will put music to some videos (e.g. Stop-motion animation, Special day's video, slide show). We won't put music to other videos (e.g. Powder+water stuff, Handmade fancy goods).

When a nagger subscribes us, we add her to the banned list. We accept polite people only. We want to have the right to choose the same as viewers. You should unsubscribe because we don't accept you even if you try to subscribe us. You can go to find other channels that is your taste. It is not important to increase the number of subscribers. The most important thing is to get nice and cute people. No one needs a nagger.

We recommend other channels that has concentrated on asmr.
The noises of unboxing is not our aim. If you love the noises of unboxing only, you can be satisfied with the random unboxing asmr video. Even an ugly box can satisfy you. It means you don't need to see our collection.
best part plastic
She said the best part is rustling of the plastic. Kinda rude. I assert that the best part is my cute collection. Watch other plastic videos. My collection doesn't deserve her. Plastic bags suit her. Don't be rude to the composer.
Don't subscribe me. Subscribe ASMR specialist channels. You don't look at my collection at all. You need plastic and cardboard only. Bummer.


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