2015 is going to be a busy year

2015-04-12 Sun 22:05
I'm going to move. 2015 is going to be a busy year, so I don't have enough time to make videos. I'm going to spend all of year working on my job. (I got hooked on other things in real life.)

If I have time, I'll make a video! (Not very often.) Thank you!

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I was robbed of my username by impostors

2015-04-12 Sun 19:30
What happened to RR

Thank you for explaining about "paedophile".
It was the worst reason I had to change my nickname. Almost arrested.
paedophile impostor
That's why I hate a hypocrite who says "overreact". I need to protect myself from the identity thief. Don't talk irresponsibly if you can't do anything for me as a lawyer.

I had been reporting it to Twitter Inc for 2 years and 6 months. Twitter Inc takes forever time to delete an impostor. They seem to be an incompetent company that doesn't work well. Identity thief brought damage to me and my real life. It is fatal.

◆August 27, 2012
A Twitter impostor steals my picture and pretends to be me. I reported it to Twitter Inc.
Twitter impostor

◆March 10, 2013
The Twitter impostor harasses me. I reported it to Twitter Inc. again and again.
Twitter Inc. Imposter

◆January 21, 2014
I heard that the impostor asked kids' personal info and the impostor told kids they would do a giveaway in a private setting. Or, one of the impostors asked minor girls out. I will not be responsible or liable for any damages that may result from the impostor.

◆February 28, 2015
I was robbed of my nickname by a Twitter impostor. Unfortunately, an influential corporation (Twitter Inc.) always win. There is no justice. I won't cling to my nickname.
Twitter impostor Yes, this is correct.

new name I think so too.

twitter impostor

Rip my nickname. Now I'm Nameless.

◆March 31, 2015
Twitter impostor still exists. Impostors have strong vital force such as cockroach.
Twitter impostor
Twitter impostor tweeted as RRcherrypie.
The impostor wrested my name. My name won't be restored to me forever.

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The reason why I changed my nickname

2015-03-18 Wed 20:00
Identity thief (impostors) brought damage to my real life.
I heard that the impostor who was pretending to be me asked kids' personal info. One of the impostors asked minor girls out. The impostor told lies and hurled insults here and there. People who didn't know the impostor existed thought that I hurled insults. I didn't have enough time to explain to all my relations individually. That's why I changed my nickname to Nameless since 2015. Real life is more important than the internet.

To Eliza Calcraft: Don't misunderstand.
Eliza Calcraft
Don't quibble a lot. Even if you have a popular channel, it doesn't mean you must affirm impostors/verbal abuse. Don't compare me with you who wants to be a celebrity. Some people prefer to be popular even if they are being impersonated. But I don't think so. To increase the number of subscribers is not important to me. To be popular is not my aim.

Become a person with a high moral sense. When you are affirming bad behave, I reject you.
("Why do you so care about verbal abuse? blah blah blah..") Go to school to have a moral education if you can't understand the reason why. I never pamper kids. With tough love.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Soft ice cream shaped chocolate

2015-02-14 Sat 18:58
ゴンチャロフのソフトクリームショコラ。デリケートな商品なので箱を傾けずにまっすぐ持つようにと、箱に注意書きがある。雑に持ち帰ったからかヒビが入ってる~ (>_<) とにかく見た目が可愛い。

★Replying to your comments about music. ★
I'll put music to some videos (e.g. stop-motion animation, special day's video, slide show). I won't put music to other videos (e.g. powder+water stuff, handmade fancy goods).
about music
I've never claimed to be an asmr channel.. (・へ・)
I recommend other channels that has concentrated on asmr..

best part plastic
If so, even an ugly plastic bag can satisfy you.. (・へ・)
Maybe you don't need to see my collection..

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FRUITS ZOMBIE & Resident Evil Curry

2015-02-11 Wed 22:00
Do you know the video game called Resident Evil? This green curry is from Resident Evil. Resident Evil is named Biohazard in Japan. So this curry is named "Curry of the biohazard". Resident Evil is one of my favorite video games!

I bought it at a funny book store called Village Vanguard. It cost 540 yen. I love the package. It was very hot (spicy). Chickpeas and chicken was good.

Green herb healing curry for zombie disaster


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